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Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems for Small and Large Businesses

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Providing our services is what we do best. We will always find the answer to your requirements and then work endlessly to promote and improve the standards you expect.

FREE Expert Consulting

Need assistance? Our experts are trained to help you with selection, camera placement, system design, troubleshooting on the job, and more.

Unlimited Technical Support

Call us anytime for assistance. Our friendly, expert sales consultants and technicians are here to help you deploy and maintain your security system!

Superior Service

You're in good company. We have served thousands of corporate customers, both large and small.

Our Services

Security surveillance, Time Attendance system ,IP Phone/Video door phone , Tripod Barrier ,walk Through Detector and also computer networking solution.

Our profesional services for all business and world wide clients.

Manufacturing Industry

Time and attendance systems (TNA) are used to track and monitor when employees start and stop work. It's easy to make salary sheet for employee.

School and Hospitals

Security officer or administrators cannot be everywhere on school or any hospital property. Using video surveillance can help keep for the safety of students, teachers, hospital visitors overall staff.

Shopping Centers and Malls

Public and crowded places are prone to many crimes. Remote monitoring and IP Cams can reduce Theft, Vandalizing, break in to stores by detecting perpetrators.

Government and Corporate offices

Government and corporate offices need topnotch security. Any unwanted guest can cause hazard to the office premises. Using Access control system and Bio-metric attendance can reduce the risk of security breach.

Our Clients

Our valuable Duautomation client in Bangladesh.

Our Brands

We use the best brand to give you the best solution you can get.